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The author: Three miles south from the lovely Wetzel County Courthouse on Routes 2 and 180 is an almost forgotten community called Van Camp. In the nineteenth century, it flourished with a post office, store, church with cemetery, and school. My good fortune was to be born on the Bernan Hill amid the Van Camp lure so often expressed by my parents and grandparents. The hills of Van Camp were high and steep; the valleys were peaceful and inviting. It covered an area south from Cider Run along Point Pleasant Creek and Old Route 18 into Tyler County and west along Paden Fork. My earliest childhood was spent on the Furbee farm, where I was born, and Long farm on Bernan Hill. This is the story of that time and place.

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Parson, West Virginia


Appalachia, family history, West Virginia, Wetzel County, Van Camp Community, Bernan Hill, Pleasant Valley


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Growing Up Appalachian:  In the Van Camp Community of Wetzel County, West Virginia