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Further progress has been made upon the research reported in last year’s (2012) Gordon Research Conference poster. This includes applying counter-current chromatography (CCC) to selected crude plant extracts. Two CCC fractions (DA-19 and DA-3), from different plant species, had about the same or higher anti-TB activity as their respective crude extracts, suggesting that each fraction has achieved a separation of one or more active compound(s), from other (possibly inactive) compounds. Also included was the result from the crude extract (DA-12) of still another plant species, not reported last year, which also showed significant anti-TB activity. Further work is expected to include further purification of the active CCC fractions, and subjecting additional crude extracts (such as DA-12) to CCC, and/or to other methods of separation.


Poster presented at the Gordon Research Conference on Natural Products, July 28-August 2, 2013. This poster is an update to the poster presented at the 2012 Gordon Research Conference. (See "Additional Files" below for poster from 2012 conference.)

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