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4 How to Ruin a Family Reunion, James D. Hamilton

9 Restore the Joy of Giving, Moody Gunter

12 Mr. Work and Witness, Mark Graham

19 How Important Is Self-esteem?, Richard S. Taylor

21 The Christian and Self-esteem, Dorothy E. Hamilton

22 Love Yourself, Blaine Robison

24 James Dobson on Building Self-esteem in Your Child

28 Raising Self-esteem in the Church, Ronald J. Scott

46 Like It or Not- You Hold the Key, Ray Hendrix


8 Family Matters, Dorothy Tarrant

10 Rhythms of the Spirit, Morris A. Weigelt

14 Into the Word, Reuben Welch

16 General Superintendent’s Viewpoint, Donald D. Owens

18 When You Pray, E. Dee Freeborn

41 Observer at Large, W. E. McCumber

42 In a Woman’s Voice, Rebecca Laird


2 Editor’s Choice, Wesley Tracy

6 The Readers Write

31 Looking Back

32 News, Mark Graham, News Editor

45 The Question Box

48 Late News

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