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4 The Christian’s Relationship to the World, John F. Hay

6 Democracy and Righteous People, Keith Schwanz

7 The Negative Power of Cursing, Ed Feller

10 Will the Sun Shine Again?, Ivan A. Beals

11 What If?, John W. May

12 Calamity Christians, J. V. Langford

14 Melting in the Night, Michael A. Vasquez

15 The Evolutionary Effect, Timothy R. Cassity

16 Revival - Antidote for Oblivion, David J. Feller

17 Christian Parents of Homosexuals, William Goodman


5 We Are Buried With Him by Baptism into Death … Romans 6:4, William David Gebby

13 The Journey, Neil C. Fitzgerald


2 Clipping Easter Offering Dividends, General Superintendent: Jerald D. Johnson

8 Family Matters, Is Your Family Too Small? - Dorothy Tarrant

9 Chaplains and Changed Lives, Strange Encounters - David Pollok

18 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber

21 By All Means, No Forced Entry - Mark D. Berry


20 Answer Corner

20 Letters

22 In the News

33 News of Religion

35 Late News

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