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4 Where Are Your Sons And Daughters?, Curt Bowers

5 God’s Word Behind Bars, Dale D. Hatfield

6 Rescue on Delaware Bay, C. H. Tazelaar

7 The Door to The General’s Heart, William H. Bridges

8 The Truth about a Big Lie, Ivan A. Beals

10 Self-Help, Albert Lown

12 Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, John F. Hay

13 Power Perfected In Weakness, Jerry W. Mccant

14 Jennifer’s Story, Cindy L. Briggs

18 God’s Fireman, Nina E. Beegle

19 I Took Jesus to a Reunion, Jo Harvey

20 Slowing Down the Pace of the Hearse, Morris Chalfant

21 Sharpness Makes the Difference, George W. Privett


19 Continuum, Joyce A. Chandler


2 The Nature and Mission of the Church, General Superintendent John A. Knight

9 “Because You Gave ...”, More Than A Plot Of Land - Robert Hudson

11 Nazarene Roots: Native Son: The Life And Work Of Ernest E. Angell

16 The Editor’s Standpoint, W. E. McCumber

23 By All Means, Never Too Late - Albert L. Gamble


22 Answer Corner

22 Letters

24 In the News

33 News of Religion

35 Late News

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