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4 Second Chance, John A. Leavell

6 When Life Tumbles In, Marie Emerson

8 “All Glorious Within”, Evelyn H. Knowlton

10 “All Things," Lord?, Emily Moran

11 Interrupted Melody, Nancy A. Brubaker

12 The Night Visitor, Rose Mane Cray

14 Time Does Not Heal, Jerry W. McCanl

15 Prescription for Bitterness, R. Guilford Fitz, Jr.

16 Guilt: Fact or Feeling, Leslie Parrott III

18 Nice Talk, G. Roger Schoenhals

19 Treatment for Worry Warts, Robert E. Matter

20 When Boom Becomes Bust, Joseph M. Shreffler

22 Suffering And Service, Muriel Larson

23 Two VIPs, Jesse L Buchanan

24 From Jail to Jubilation, JoAnn Wollam

25 Dying Unafraid, Leslie Wooten


9 His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful, E. Ruth Glover

17 Guilt Is Gone!, J. Mellon Thomas

21 Security, Merle Lamprecht


2 Christ Our Sufficiency, General Superintendent: William M. Greathouse

28 Jesus Christ Defines Friendship, W. E. McCumber

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