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Cover Photo Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts


2 Sanctifying Power, General Superintendent: Jerald D. Johnson

3 90,000 Pounds of Blubber, Raymond C. Kratzer

4 Letters

5 A Tentative Witness, Harold L. Bowlby

5 Incoming Tide (a Poem), Marilyn Black Phemister

6 John Brash – Exemplar of Holiness, Herbert McGonigle

7 Testing Ground (a Poem), Connie

8 In the World but not of It, Bryan Stone

9 Chaplains and Changed Lives, Thomas E. Cook

10 Pseudochristians, Dave Kreutzweiser

11 Forgiveness (a Poem), Lorene Myers

11 Language Barriers, Jane Brewington

12 Children Are to Be Seen, not Hurt!, Jerry W. McCant

13 Lord, Yours is the Morning (a Poem), Susanna Roma

14 Prevenient Grace and Evangelism, J. Kenneth Grider

15 Nazarenes and the Movies – A Question of Ethics, J. Weldon McClung, Jr.

16 A Place to Serve, Tina M. Hunt as Told to Nina Beegle

17 Workbook on Morality, Dennis Eenigenberg

18 The Editor’s Standpoint, W. E. McCumber

20 By All Means, Leslie Wooten

21 In the News

30 News of Religion

31 Answer Corner

35 Late News

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