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2 What Makes a Marriage Christian?, Jeren Rowell

19 Make Worship an Adventure of the Spirit, Victor M. Parachin

20 Is Moral Fog Engulfing the Church?, Richard S. Taylor

22 The Allure of the Holy, Paul S. Rees

24 Can You Be a Christian and a Scientologist?, Chad Wilks

42 Five Marks of Wise Stewardship, Carl Bangs

44 Unbudgeted Church Expenses, Bill D. Hallsted

46 When Arshad Met a Miracle, Donald E. Lindman


7 General Superintendent’s Viewpoint, William J. Prince

15 Words of Faith, Rob L. Staples

16 Over 60, C. Ellen Watts

18 Nazarene Roots, Stan Ingersol

32 The Family Album, Jerry and Lynda Cohagan

34 In a Woman’s Voice, Susan Hanson Bates

35 Masculine Journey, Mark Metcalfe

39 Creative Brooding, Dean Nelson


6 Late News

8 Editor’s Choice, Wesley D. Tracy

9 Signs, Michael R. Estep

10-14, 37, 40-41 News

17 The Readers Write

28 The Unheralded, J. Wesley Eby

30 Nazarene Family

34 The Question Box

36 The Quote Rack

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