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2 A Welcome, Board of General Superintendents

6 1980-1985 Quinquennial Review

Reports to the 21st General Assembly:

8 Officer: General Secretary, B. Edgar Johnson

9 Officer: General Treasurer, Norman O. Miller

10 Division of Church Growth, Bill M. Sullivan (Director)

12 Church Extension Ministries, Raymond W. Hurn (Director)

14 Evangelism Ministries, Bill M. Sullivan (Director)

16 Pastoral Ministries, Wilbur W. Brannon (Director)

18 Division of Communications, M. A. (Bud) Lunn (Director)

20 Media Services, Paul Skiles (Director)

22 Publication Services, Bennett Dudney (Director)

26 Nazarene Publishing House, M. A. (Bud) Lunn (Manager)

24 Education Services, Mark R. Moore (Director)

28 Division of Christian Life and Sunday School, Phillip M. Riley (Divisional Director, Adult Ministries), Miriam Hall (Children’s Ministries), and Larry Leonard (Youth Ministries)

36 Division of Finance

38 Headquarters Services, Paul W. Spear (Director)

39 Life Income Gifts Services, Robert D. Hempel (Director)

40 Stewardship Services, Delta Allen (Coordinator)

41 Pensions and Benefits Services, Dean Wessels (Director)

42 World Mission Division, L. Guy Nees (Director)

46 Nazarene World Mission Society, Phyllis H. Perkins (Director) and Lela O. Jackson (General Director)

48 Looking Ahead

51 An Editorial, W. E. McCumber (Editor of the Herald of Holiness)

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