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The Counselor’s Corner

"Religion and Health,” a New Magazine, Russell L. Dicks
Sermon for the New Year, “The Untraveled Road,” Henry B. Wallin
St. Paul on the Life of Christ, J. H. Mayfield
A Wilderness Experience for the Ministry, W. Shelburne Brown
Three-Minute Sermon, F. Lincicome (The New Year)
The Reaction Against the Evolutionary Interpretation of the Bible, Ralph Earle
A Letter from Adam Clarke to a Preacher Friend, A. S. London
Service Without Servility, Eric Jorden
Should Ministers Marry Christians to Unbelievers? Anonymous
Working with Men, Robert Hertenstein (Deceased)
No Denominational Barriers in Our Hymnal, J. Raymond Knighton, Jr.

Sermon Outlines, Messages on the Messianic Psalms, John W. May
The Master Evangelist, Peter Wiseman
Usable Poems, Mabel Dennett, Dick Fullerton
Musings of a Minister’s Wife, Mrs. W. M. Franklin
The Preacher and Churchmanship, Raymond Browning
Uncle Hiram Says—, Uncle Hiram
Two Dozen Don’ts for a Better Pastor-Evangelist Relationship
Is Your Time Your Own? J. T. Gassett
The Minister’s Wife, Mrs. Harold Reed
Pointed Paragraphs for Preachers, Evangelist F. Lincicome

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