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Cover — John Calvin
A King Played the Fool, G. B. Williamson

The Gospel We Preach
The Preaching of John Calvin, James McGraw
The Dual Nature of the Unsanctified, P. P. Belew
Preaching the Evangelistic Message, Harold Volk
A Layman’s Message to Pastors, A. E. Felts
Gibraltars of the Faith, J. Kenneth Grider
P.K.’s Can Love the Church, Lora Lee Parrott
My Prayer for You, Mrs. R. T. Williams, Sr.
The Pastor and His Problems (VI) , G. H. Boffey
Crusade for Souls, Alpin Bowes
Baptism, Jack Lee
Preaching in Word Pictures, Charlie W. Shedd
Sermon Subjects for November
Sermon Workshop
Book Briefs

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