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EDITORIAL Offer Hospitality to One Another, Randal E. Denny

FEATURE Getting a Head Start on the Future, Robert H. Scott; The Glory of Ministry, Wilbur W. Brannon; Transformed Troublemaker, Muriel Larson

PASTOR’S PERSONAL GROWTH Daddy, Why Don’t You Practice What You Preach?, Ralph L. Moulton; What Does Fasting Do?, Morris Chalfant; Tunnel of Love, Lynn Allen; In God Alone, Faith Warren; Made in Heaven, Grown on Earth, Sandy Sheppard

PREACHING No Hunting, G. R. “Scott” Cundiff; It’s Reporting Time Again, Douglas A. Rohl; Passing on the Word!, Mark W. Royall

THEOLOGY Why I Don’t Believe in Evolution, Thomas Lorimer; Baptism, Why Do We Do It?, John Conlon; The Colors of a Rainbow, Jennifer Williams

PASTORAL CARE Caring for the Cocooned, Steven L. McKinley; Kitten Rescue, Evelyn J. Behrens; Payday!, J. Grant Swank Jr.

MISSIONS Renewal Through Social Outreach: Theological Implications, Jerry L. Appleby

CHRISTIAN MINISTRY The Ministry: Top Ten Tips for Those Getting Started, Gary E. Black

PASTOR, BE ENCOURAGED The Challenge of Ministry, C. Neil Strait

CHURCH GROWTH The Bivocational Pastor, James L. Snyder

CHURCH ADMINISTRATION A Cloud by Day and a Pillar of Fire by Night, Russell Frazier

STEWARDSHIP The Preretirement Years: Health-Care Planning, Gary B. Morsch

TODAY’S BOOKS FOR TODAY’S PREACHERS The Patriarch as Theologian, Roderick T. Leupp

CHAPLAINCY Why A Correctional Chaplain?, William R. Hunter Jr.

MINISTER’S MATE Betrayed with a Kiss!, Carol McGarry; Eleven Important Things for a Minister’s Wife to Know, Carol Swift

ARK ROCKER Return the Church to God


HIGHPOINT, Larry Morgan

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