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22-4-2017 8:10 AM

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Scholarship of Discovery, Scholarship of Community Application, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


Cohort XI


Author Abstract:

Many organizations rely on volunteers in order to perform key elements of support. The retention of volunteers is important, and the role that leadership style has on the retention of volunteers is significant. The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between leadership style and the intent to stay for adult and youth volunteers in a large nonprofit organization. This quantitative study examined the relationship of leadership style and intention to stay with three samples of volunteers: local leaders (n = 91), adult volunteers (n = 48), and youth volunteers (n = 42). A survey consisting of the Servant Leadership Scale, a single item addressing intention to stay, and demographic items was administered via online survey tool for leaders and adult volunteers, and with hardcopy questionnaires mailed to youth volunteers. Data analysis included descriptive statistics, correlational analyses, and analyses of variance. A significant correlation existed between leadership style and intention to stay for leaders and adult volunteers, although the correlation between the variables for leaders and youth volunteers was not significant. Leaders rated themselves as stronger in servant leadership qualities, while adult volunteers and youth volunteers rated their leaders lower. Gender differences existed in how volunteers rated their leaders. Adult female volunteers rated their leaders significantly lower than did their male counterparts, while female youth volunteers rated their leaders significantly higher than did their male counterparts. Organizations that rely on volunteers should incorporate servant leadership skills into their training programs and encourage their leaders to embrace the principles of servant leadership.

Apr 22nd, 8:10 AM

The Relationship Between Leadership Style and Volunteer Intention to StayMark

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Cohort XI