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Examining the Effects of Leader Influence on Worker Motivation

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22-4-2017 10:50 AM


Author Abstract: This study provides an empirical overview of the impact of how leadership practices affect overall worker motivation in professional office and non-office work environments. Leaders need not only practical and intellectual solutions in order to motivate workers, but also need a practical and fundamental understanding of what leadership is and how the various leadership practices may affect worker motivation. There has been much research concerning leadership and worker motivation in the sociological and psychological domains, however there is an absence of relevant research associated with how leadership styles affect worker motivation. This research provides for greater understanding of the relationships between worker motivation and leadership styles that could be applied to governmental, private sector, and non-profit work environments in order to achieve better worker outputs. These findings identified significant relationships between leadership practices and worker motivation. Cohort X

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Apr 22nd, 10:50 AM

Examining the Effects of Leader Influence on Worker Motivation