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22-4-2017 11:10 AM

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Childcare staff earnings have been found to be at the bottom of the wage measure despite early childhood teachers having higher than average level of education. The low wages have been linked to childcare staff turnover. The purpose of this research was to study early childcare staff to determine if individual wages were related to job satisfaction, program quality, and job commitment. The relationship between individual wage and job satisfaction, program quality, and job commitment was examined, if any. One hundred and thirty-five participants completed the Early Childhood Job Satisfaction Survey (ECJSS) and Supplemental Information Sheet (SIS) about their perception of individual wage with job satisfaction, program quality, and job commitment from licensed centers. Results indicated statistically non-significant relationship between individual wages with job satisfaction, program quality, and job commitment; however, job satisfaction and job commitment were statistically significant. This research study will inform early childhood practitioners and key stakeholders about the low wage issue in the childcare field. In addition, the study reiterates the importance of intrinsic factors in job satisfaction and job commitment. Cohort XI


Apr 22nd, 11:10 AM

The Impact of Individual Wages on Job Satisfaction, Program Quality, and Job Commitment of Childcare Staff

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