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TYGR is the student art and literary magazine for Olivet Nazarene University.

Franz Kafka -- The Tiger [Historical Muse]

William Blake -- The Tyger [Historical Muse]

Cover Art: Madonna -- Sasa Sokolovic

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Bourbonnais, Illinois


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Table of Contents

Craig Dockery -- Dante's Inferno

[Historical Muse] Franz Kafka -- The Tiger

Tim Welch -- White Lady

Laura Beth -- Meditation

[Historical Muse] William Blake -- The Tyger

Adam Robinson -- Kill the Dead

Katherine Owens -- I Have Two Feet

Amy Brown -- Reflections of London

1930/New Orleans

Jeff Snowbarger -- She

Nicole Given -- Raining Free

Rebecca Orlikowski -- #5 Print

Laura Beth -- Not a Motion

Lisa Watson -- The Journey

Aimee Copley -- Twarted Triumph

Shannon Swilley -- Tarry with me a while...

Donald Swafford -- Satin Girl

Elisa Archer -- Collage

Laura Beth -- Verse

Danielle Repay -- Intertwined

Russ Elliott -- On a Strong Sunday Morning

Jenni L. Poe -- Crazy Quilt

Aimee Copley -- Mr Frank's Epiphany

Julia Roat -- To the Summer

Dan Wojcik -- The Path

Monica Bennett -- Cave Life

Jeff Snowbarger -- Bottle Truth

Mark Charon -- Untitled

Adam Robinson -- Killer

Jenni L. Poe -- Old Habit

Evan Abla -- Submissions

Gabrielle Steinhart -- Election Year

Bryan Keen -- (please read aloud, slowly)

Russ Elliott -- Numb to Now

underground notes

Mark Charon -- End of Thought

Jeff Snowbarger -- Self Portrait

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