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In this revision to his 1997 guide to making wise choices, the author discusses the moral compass that can assist us in dealing with confusing ethical issues of our times. Strategies for making ethical decisions that are sensible and based on God’s word are presented.

Contents: 1. Getting Started: Setting the Stage – 2. Say “Cheese:” Snapshots from Our Culture – 3. A Penny for Your Thoughts: The Way We Think Becomes the Way We Live – 4. On Guard: Preparing for the Culture Battle – 5. Here We Stand: What Christians Believe about Making Moral Choices – 6. A Lamp and a Light: What the Bible Teaches about Making Moral Choices – 7. Line ‘em Up: Part 1: Strategies for Lining Up Your Personal Life with Your Faith – 8. Line ‘em Up: Part 2: Strategies for Lining Up Your Community Life with Your Faith – 9. Line ‘em Up: Part 3: Strategies for Your Relationship with the World – 10. Wrapping Up: Where Is Our Hope?

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Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City


Kansas City, Mo.


Christian ethics, Decision making, Holiness, Christian life, Contemporary culture


Christian Denominations and Sects | Ethics in Religion | Practical Theology | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


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