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Olivet University is the property of the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene. Its co-operation is the Chicago Central District of that denomination. But there is no effort or intention to make the school sectarian. It is not required of teachers here that they be members of this denomination, but only that they profess the experience of entire sanctification—whatever may be their church affiliation. But anyone who will respect the purpose and regulations of the Institution is welcome to the student body.

The general administration of the University is vested by the District Assembly in a Beard of twenty-one Trustees. The Board of Trustees elect the President of the University, and, -upon his recommendation, the members of the faculty.

MATRICULATION In order to enter any school of the University, the applicant must at least give evidence of good morals. If from another school, there must be credentials of honorable dismissal. There must be a solemn pledge to respect the regulations and observe the rules of the Institution. In order to continue as a student of the University, there must be strict compliance with all the requirements, whether written or unwritten. In order to withdraw honorably from the school, there must be evidence of the fulfillment of all the obligations, and final permission from the President.

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Eleventh Annual Catalog – Olivet University 1919-1920