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The work of the University is offered through four schools: The College of Liberal Arts, the School of Theology, the School of Music, and the School of Expression and Art, and Normal School. In addition the University supports a regularly state-accredited Academy, Commercial Department, Medical Missionary Training Department, Sub-Preparatory and Grammar School. Courses are offered in the various departments leading to the following degrees:

Bachelor of Arts.

Bachelor of Science.

Bachelor of Divinity.

Bachelor of Music.

Bachelor of Ped.

Courses are also offered leading to certificates and diplomas in Theology, Music, Expression and Art, Commercial Science, and Academy.

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Olivet Nazarene University


Olivet, Illinois


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Olivet University possesses many advantages in light of the purpose for which it has been established.

1. A high spiritual tone. A constant revival atmosphere, and a deep missionary spirit is prevalent. It is an atmosphere in which sturdy Christian character is developed and strong religious leadership for the future is prepared. The religious spirit is not narrow or sectarian. The student body includes members of many denominations.

2. A faculty strong in scholarship and teaching skill. Many hold advanced degrees from leading Universities.

3. Excellent laboratory and library facilities, which are constantly being augmented, and modern well-equipped buildings.

4. A high standard of scholarship.

5. Close contact of individual student with instructors whose character and ability quicken the intellectual, spiritual, and social life of students.

6. Adaptation of courses of study to fit the needs of the individual student.

7. Conditions favoring financial economy on the part of students and attractive to families who come to locate in the community.

8. An opportunity for young men and women who have awakened to the need of education somewhat late in life to take such preparatory subjects and push on to the higher branches, and secure a fundamental training in the Bible as well.

Olivet University Catalogue 1920-1921, Twelfth Year