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The Illinois Holiness University is a chartered institution of learning, controlled by a Board of Trustees, acting as agent for the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene. No one has any private interest in the school. By the terms of deed conveying the land, also by the charter, the school is forever committed to the doctrine of Bible Holiness. It is located in a most healthful portion of Illinois half way down the state, near the Indiana line, and thirteen miles south of Danville, a city of 40,000 inhabitants. No richer soil can be found in all Illinois than in this section. Building sites in small or large tracts, some of which are covered with forest trees can be bought now at reasonable rates.

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Olivet Nazarene University


Olivet, Illinois


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Olivet, a village of between forty and fifty residences, many of which are modernly equipped with furnaces, bath-rooms and electric lights. Every foot of land sold carries with it a deed forbidding the sale or giving away of tobaccos, liquors, opiates, etc. No cleaner town morally can be found. Olivet is midway (three miles to each) between the two little cities Georgetown and Ridgefarm. Interurban cars run each half hour through the University grounds and connect with the Clover Leaf (T., St. L. & W.) R. R. and the Big Four at Ridgefarm; Big Four at Georgetown; and the Wabash, Big Four, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, and Chicago & Southern Indiana, at Danville. All these roads connecting with the Interurban make the school easy to be reached from St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, and all intervening points. Choose the most convenient point, Danville, Georgetown, or Ridgefarm, and transfer to the Interurban, which will bring you to the University campus.

Fifth Annual Catalogue of Illinois Holiness University 1913-1914