Sixty-Six: A Sociologist Reflects on Scripture, Its Themes, and Their Relevance

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Journey through Sixty-Six and discover how each book of the Bible still has a relevant message today.

For much of the twentieth century, Route 66 carried people across America to their sought-after destinations and dreams. Over time, however, that road became obsolete and was replaced with newer means of transportation. In a similar fashion, the sixty-six books of the Bible once helped individuals pursue dreams and develop their personal potential. Sadly, many now see the Bible as outdated and irrelevant, a relic of a bygone era. In this book, Kent Olney counters that position and calls readers to renew their understanding of and commitment to God’s Word.


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From the author: Sixty-Six calls the reader to consider the relevance of each book of the Bible. Themes such as family, leaders, teamwork, listening, courage, change, Christ, freedom, suffering, heaven, and more are discussed. These themes provide a cohesive overview of God’s Word to His people and are remarkably relevant today, centuries after they were written. The author suggests that current events and social trends make more sense when one is familiar with the message of Scripture and its themes.