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Dr. Emad Rahim is an award winning author, educator, entrepreneur and community leader and currently serves as an Endowed Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Oklahoma State University and a Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University. Richard Holloway is a student-centered educator with over ten years of experience in the classroom and as a post-secondary education administrator and has also actively practiced law for over a decade in the Chicago, Cook County area. Lisa Summerour has more than 30 years’ experience in sales, training, and motivational speaking. She is the President and CEO of Summerour & Associates, Ltd., a firm that provides personal and professional development consulting, and course design for trainings and workshops.


The 4-Tions is designed to provide you with fundamental job search strategies and practices to help you develop habits that will stay with you your entire professional life. The 4-Tions represents what the authors consider to be the 4 most important aspects of the job search. These 4 areas are:

❋ Documenta tion : Resume, Application Information, References

❋ Prepara tion : Company Background, History, Questions

❋ Presenta tion : Appearance, Clothing, Hygiene, Grooming

❋ Communica tion : Articulation, Eye Contact, Active Listening

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The 4-Tions: Your Guide to Developing Successful Job Search Strategies