Submissions from 2020


Policy Memo: ​Financial and Environmental Cost-Benefit Analyses Support the Continuation of Government Incentives for Solar Power, Ryan Himes, London Withers, and Alyssa Black


Data for Rosenberger & Conforti. Native and agricultural grassland use by stable and declining bumble bees in Midwestern North America. Insect Cons. & Div., Derek W. Rosenberger and McKenna Conforti

Submissions from 2017


Cold tolerance of mountain pine beetle among novel eastern pines: A potential for trade-offs in an invaded range?, Derek W. Rosenberger, Brian H. Aukema, and Robert C. Venette


Colonization behaviors of mountain pine beetle on novel hosts: Implications for range expansion into northeastern North America, Derek W. Rosenberger, Robert C. Venette, Mitchell P. Maddox, and Brian H. Aukema

Submissions from 2016


Sexing live mountain pine beetles Dendroctonus ponderosae: refinement of a behavioral method for Dendroctonus spp., Derek W. Rosenberger, Robert C. Venette, and Brian H. Aukema

Conducting the Transcriptional Repressor Bach2 Tunes T Cells to Orchestrate Tumor Immunity, Dan Sharda

The Making of a Case Study: The Savegre, a Model for Sustainability, Aggie R. Veld and Emilie R. Janes

Submissions from 2012


Student Perception of Relevance of Biology Content to Everyday Life: A Study in Higher Education Biology Courses, Agnes Rose Himschoot

Submissions from 2001


The Chainsaw and the White Oak: From Astrobiology to Environmental Sustainability, Leo R. Finkenbinder and Dwight E. Neuenschwander