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Samples of numerous plant species were received from the southwestern part of the USA from Richard Spjut, and plant samples were collected here in Illinois. All were extracted with typical solvents, giving crude residues, some of which were subjected to counter-current or flash chromatographic methods. Some of the crude extracts and chromatographic fractions had anti-tuberculosis and/or antibacterial activity.

In a general way, bioactive natural products are dealt with very well by Liang & Fang, 2006. More specifically, the southwestern part of the United States has a large variety of indigenous plants, many of which have not been investigated for their medicinal potential, and only very few have had their extracts separated into the individual compounds they may contain. But some information is available for Native American herbal uses (Moerman, 2003).


Poster session presented at the 14th International Conference on the Chemistry of Antibiotics and other Bioactive Compounds, October 13-16, 2015.