Events from 2023


Evaluating College Students’ Health Literacy and Its Effects on Their Perceptions of Information Concerning Mask-Wearing in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hannah Ketchum

Events from 2022


Deepfake it Til You Make it: How NOT To Make a Short Film, Adam Lee

Events from 2020


Effective video storytelling using mobile devices: Training leaders in a cross-cultural context, Heather McLaughlin, Kelli Neal, Emily Yerge, and Michelle Grant

Events from 2019

Great speeches of history researched and brought to life through student performances, Elizabeth Patrick-Trippel

Women of history speak. Research and performance of the best women’s speeches in US history speeches, Elizabeth Patrick-Trippel

Speaking of Justice, Nicole Pilbeam, Danielle Snuckel, Becca Plomero, Mackenzie Mahaffey, Kelsie Davis, Helen Berdebes, and Sarai Guerrero

Events from 2018

Senior Speech Showcase, Caitlin Hacker, Steven Nowinsk, Kate Cox, and Destinee Ferguson


Do your words portray or betray your values? The rhetorical choices we make every time we speak, Beth Patrick-Trippel, Rachel Schramm, Jazmin Rangle, Becca Williams, and Kaitlyn Altmann