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01 Letter to a Delegate by Samuel Young
02 God Speaks by Jack M. Scharn
02 Form Without Power by Eliot Clayton
02 Late News
03 Christ's Finished Work by J/ Melton Thomas
04 The True Symbol of LOve by Wouter Van Garrett
05 Heaven by F.W. Davis
06 Interdependence by R. Quanstrom
06 Made Plain by Pearl Burnside McKinney
07 "He Remembereth" by A.F. Harper
08 "I Will Build My Church" by Margaret Bogart
08 The Art of Saying "Thank You!" by Lois M. Marmon
09 "A Saint in Street Clothes" by C.B. Strang
09 News in Picture
10 A Voice at the Door by Bess A. Olson
10 The Spirit Makes a Difference by Joanne Davis
11 Steal Away to Jesus! by Dolores S. Douglas
12 Editorials by Stephen S. White
14 Foreign Missions
14 The Sunday-School Lesson by Fletcher Galloway
15 Religious News and Comments by A.K. Bracken
16 Are We Getting Soft? by Clyde W. Rather
17 God's Gifts by Julia W. Wolfe
17 You and Your Morals
17 The Question Box
18 News of the Churches
23 Announcements
24 District Assembly Information

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Herald of Holiness Volume 45 Number 12 (1956)