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03 The Fourteenth General Assembly
04 Thumbail Sketch by Gordon T. Olsen
05 The Religious Services
06 Thumbnail Sketch by H. Roe Bartle
06 Some Changes Which Were Made by the General Assembly
08 God Was in the Singing! by R.T. Williams
09 The Memorial Service
09 Quotations from General Assembly Messages
10 Our Guest Speakers...
11 Interesting Pictures
12 Over 3,000 Visitors...
12 Old-timers Reunion
13 The General N.Y.P.S. Convention by J. Fred Parker
14 Church Schools Convention by Ken Rice
14 Eighth Quadrennial N.F.M.S. Convention by Mary Scott
15 The Departmental Exhibits by Norman R. Oke
16 Thumbnail Sketch by Jarrette Aycock
17 Foreign Missions
18 The Sunday-School Lesson
18 Servicemen's Corner
18 The Home Circle
19 Religious News & Comments
20 Home Missions & Evangelism
21 Thought for the Day
21 You and Your Morals
22 Announcements
23 Directories
23 District Assembly Information
24 Nazarene Camp Meetings

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Herald of Holiness Volume 45 Number 20 (1956)