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01 The Beatitudes
03 Cornelius the Hardhearted by W.W. Clay
04 A Legalist or a Saint? by Robert E. Ross
05 Can You Read Your Road Map? by Fletcher Galloway
06 Wings Over the Operating Room! by Justa Lee Allen
07 God's Cathedral by Kathryn Blackburn Peck
08 Law and Grace by A.R. Higgs
09 The Pattern for Pentecost by J.J. Steele
10 The Death Test of Holiness by Ross W. Hayslip
10 Reading the Bible as I Pray by A.S. London
11 What a Difference It Makes! by Wallace W. Roseboro
12 Guest Editorials by Lawrence B. Hicks
13 Seeing God by Enola Chamberlin
14 Divine Love Versus Worldly Infatuation by P.P. Belew
15 In Tears There Is Power by Jessie W. Finks
15 The Coast of Glory by F.W. Davis

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Herald of Holiness Volume 45 Number 24 (1956)