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01 Releasing God by Co-operation by General Superintendent Vanderpool
02 Late News
02 I Would Walk Life's Way with Thee by Anna M. Gilleland
02 Seeing Beauty by Enola Chamberlin
02 Nevertheless - It's a Reality! by H. Doyle Smith
03 To Whom Does the Holy Spirit Come? by Chaplain John T. Donnelly
04 God Bless the Bartons! by Wouter Van Garrett
05 Why I Appreciate the Church of the Nazarene by Mike Courtney
06 The Most Deadly Sin by Fannie Erb
07 The Divine Interlude by Elizabeth W. Sudlow
08 Choose the Best! by Mrs. W.W. Roseboro
08 Let's Pray About the Headlines! by Katherine Bevis
09 News in Picture
09 "When the Saints Go Marching In" by Ruth Williams Crooks
10 The Road Home by Thelma Gray
10 Jesus of Nazareth by F.W. Davis
10 Welcome Guest by Christine White
11 Back Up Your Brain Power! by Alice W. Norton
11 Revival by Frances B. Erickson
12 Editorials by Stephen S. White
14 Love Thinketh No Evil by A.S. London
15 The Sunday-School Lesson
15 Foreign Missions
16 Home Missions
16 Religious News and Comments
17 Servicemen's Corner
17 Thought for the Day by Bertha Munro
18 The Home Circle
19 News of the Churches
21 Evangelists' Slates

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Herald of Holiness Volume 45 Number 30 (1956)