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01 The Fool and His Money by General Superintendent Powers
02 Music Memoettes by Ovella Shafer
03 Devotedness to the Divine by J. Kenneth Grider
04 A Matter of Pronouns by Neal C. Dirkse
04 My Heavenly Father by Jack M. Scharn
05 X. The Conflict and Content of St. Paul’s Prayer by H. Orton Wiley
06 Our Last Bank Statement by Nettie Hudson
06 For Grace and Strength I Ask by Anna M. Gilleland
07 Beulah Items from My Hebrew Bible by James H. Whitworth
08 As We Should Behave by Justa Lee Allen
09 We Much Reach the Lost for Christ by Marvin S. Cooper
09 News in Picture
09 What They Say and What They Do by Kenneth Rice
10 2 Holiness Conventions
10 Social Security for Ministers
11 A Pair of Glasses... and a Christian by Elsie M. Brownell
12 Editorials by Stephen S. White
14 The Sunday-School Lesson
15 The Home Circle
16 Religious News and Comments
17 The Question Box
18 News of the Churches
18 Thought for the Day by Bertha Munro

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Herald of Holiness Volume 44 Number 49 (1956)