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01 Cover Photo by Fred Sieb
02 Nazarene Youth—A Vibrant New Force by General Superintendent Charles H. Strickland
03 A Double Portion by David William Smith
04 The Going of the Gospel by Don J. Gibson
05 "Not by Might..." by David J. Jones
05 God Writes the Music by Lily S. Thomas
06 Satan’s Works—And the Lord’s by Vernon L. Wilcox
07 The Ministry of Personal Witness by Adrian Jones
08 This I Believe by Harold W. Reed
09 The Successful Search by Dwight E. Neuenschwander
10 Church Growth Evangelism by Charles Crow
11 Extensions of the Incarnation by W. E. McCumber
12 Focus on the Family by James Dobson
13 What a College Pastor Thinks of Revival by Ted Martin
14 "Things Just Aren’t Done This Way" by Terry Curtis
14 God Answers by Verla Lambert
15 The Redeemability of Man by Mendell Taylor
15 Evangelism...That’s What It’s All About by John M. Gardner
16 Editorials by John A. Knight
18 Happiness Is... by Pauline E. Spray
34 News of Religion
35 Answer Corner
38 By All Means by Paul E. Simpson

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Herald of Holiness Volume 65 Number 02 (1976)