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01 Cover Photo by Harold M. Lambert
02 The Power To Live by General Superintendent Orville W. Jenkins
03 the Strength of Gentleness by Philip N. Metcalfe
04 The Golden Vein of Holiness by J. V. Wilbanks
06 Ain’t Got No Dad by Clare St. John
06 I Heard My Father’s Voice by Charles Baldwin
07 An Extraordinary Nazarene by Lois E. Aumiller
08 Why God Heals by c. Dale German
09 Lessons My Father Taught Me by Earl C. Wolf
10 Good News for Modern man by Robert Branson
11 Not Too Many Chips Falling by Jim Spruce
12 Handbook for Caring Christians—Reviewed by Maxine Hamlin
12 My Father, Paul Martin by Michael Martin
13 A Godly Father by James Hamilton
14 Phineas Bresee: A Prince In Israel by John Chilton
14 Devotions by Linda Lee
15 Dad Sang in the Dark by Winifred Howard
16 Bloody Hands by Chuck Magsig
17 Son, You Have My Name by Jerry D. Hull
18 Editorials by W. E. McCumber
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
34 By All Means by Oscar H. Eller

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Herald of Holiness Volume 66 Number 12 (1977)