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02 Late News
02 Forever Here My Rest Shall Be, CharIes Wesley
02 “We Held Our Heads Up !" Carl W. Gray
02 Gifts from God, Christine White
03 The Gospel of the Singing Page. General Superintendent Young
04 The First Methodist, T. Crichton Mitchell
04 The Way of Excellence. Jack M. Scharn
05 "And Can It Be?” General Superintendent Benner
06 Charles Wesley, Haldor Lillenas
06 Haldor Lillenas, Beloved Song Writer, M. A. Lunn
07 The PIace of Music in Evangelism, C. William Fisher
08 I Saw the General Budget in Action, Ponder Gilliland
09 News in Picture
10 The Place of Singing in the Wesleyan Revival, E. E. Wordsworth
11 “Love Divine, All Love Excelling,” Floyd W. Hawkins
11 “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” Ralph Schurman
12 Editorials, Stephen S. White
13 Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire, Charles Wesley
14 The Sunday School Lesson
14 Foreign Missions
15 Servicemen's Corner
15 Home Missions
16 Thought for the Day, Bertha Munro
17 The Question Box
18 The Home Circle
19 News of the Churches
24 And Can It Be That I Should Gain? Charles Wesley

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Herald of Holiness Volume 46 Number 38 (1957)