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02 This Nation Under God by By Judge Luther W. Youngdahl
03 In Mysterious Ways by Stephen S. White
04 How May I Become a Christian by Russell V. DeLong
06 In Christian Conversation by Richard S. Taylor
06 In Entire Sanctification by Henry E. Brockett
07 In Power for Service by J. Glenn Gould
07 In Daily Living by E. S. Phillips
08 God's Country Gentleman by Mrs. John Riley
10 What Happened at Pentecost by H. Orton Wiley
12 The Holy Spirit is Our Guide When We Pray by Bertha Munro
13 The Tomb Is Still Empty by Arnold E. Airhart
14 The Holy Spirit in Life by Samuel Young
16 A Deeper Life by J. Russell Gardner
18 The Feel of The Pioneer by John L. Knight
19 Your Church Can Have a Revival by A. A. E. Berg
20 Carrying the Torch to Other Lands by Louise R. Chapman
21 The Holy Spirit and Healing by David Hynd
22 The Question Box by Stephen S. White
22 The Home Circle by Grace Ramquist
23 Religious News and Comments by Delbert R. Gish
24 The Young People's Society by Lauriston J. DuBois
24 The Sunday-School Lesson by J. George Taylorson

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