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01 Through a Glass Darkly by General Superintendent Williamson
02 Did You Build a Chicken House? by Gordon C. Wickersham
02 A Sweet Influence by Alice W. Norton
03 The Purifying Flame by Donald H. Strong
03 Holiness Meets the Need by L. A. Ogden
04 I Live on Borrowed Time by Alice Hansche Mortenson
04 The Mark on the Rock by Mary E. Cove
05 The Shadow and the Substance by H. Orton Wiley
05 Am I a Christian's Christian? by Katherine Bevis
06 The Deceitfulness of Riches by F. C. Nicholson
06 Heart Surgery by E. E. Wordsworth
07 Open House by Louis McCurdy
08 Man's True Dignity by W. N. Harrington
10 If Only I Hadn't Been Backslidden
10 Tobacco Rights by Eva V. Beets
11 The Sunday-School Lesson by J. George Taylorson
12 Editorials by Charles H. Strickland
14 Religious News and Comments by A. K. Bracken
15 The Question Box by Stephen S. White
15 Home Missions and Evangelism by Roy F. Smee
16 The Home Circle by Grace Ramquist
17 Foreign Missions by Remiss Rehfeldt
18 News of the Churches
23 Servicemen's Corner by L. J. Du Bois
24 Christ Pre-eminent by C. E. Shumake

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Herald of Holiness Volume 43, Number 20 (1954)