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01 Editorial
03 Editor's Survey

The Open Parliament

05 Beyond the Bar F. M. LEHMAN
05 Further Suggestions to Preachers P. F. BRESEE
05 Our Form of Church Government E. F. WALKER
05 Testify-Why and How H. Q. TRUMBAUER
06 Resignation E. M. ISAAC
06 Law REV. F. J. THOMAS
07 Jesus GEORGE W. BUGH 07 The Back-door Revival REV. WILL H. HAFER
07 Who Will Go? WATSON EVANS
07 "Holy and Reverend Is His Name" E. M. ADAMS

The Hidden Life

08 0 Pilgrim, Pray! D. RAND PIERCE
08 Boulevards and Back Streets
08 The Bible and Reason
08 Take Care of that Tongue
08 The Christian's Guarantee
08 A New Song
09 One's Real Self Reflected
09 Important!
09 Coming to Jesus

Mother and Little Ones

09 If I Knew
09 Old Brindle LOUISE M. OGLEVEE
09 Tell the Other Boys
10 How Trip Said "Please" MRS. M. W. BAKER
10 Her "One Call More"
10 A Little Boys Composition
10 How Moral Cowardice May Be Overcome

11 Announcements
11 From Our Colleges: Peniel University
12 The Work and the Workers
16 Our Sunday School Lesson: Judgment and Mercy-Matt. 11:20-30

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Herald of Holiness Volume 01, Number 21 (1912)