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01 Editorial
03 Editor's Survey

The Open Parliament

05 Kept
05 Why Do Ye These Things? W. H. BACHE
06 Bishop McDowell, Rev. Dr. Stuart and M. M. Mangasarian REV. C. E. CORNELL
06 Bible Lessons for Every-Day Living: How to Become Truly and Permanently Rich L. B. TROWBRIDGE
06 Evolution of the Modern Revival HOWARD ECKEL
07 Conversion G. W. BUGH
07 The World's Need: A Supernatural Christianity T. S. MASHBURN

Mother and Little Ones

08 What I Will Do
08 Why Should a Boy Sign the Pledge? REV. JOSEPH M. SHEPLER
08 On the Lips or in the Heart
08 Jim's Shoes
09 "The Mirror of the KneeJoints" S. D. GORDON
09 Father
10 Superiority of the Nonsmoker
10 "If I Were in His Place-" ETHEL COLSON
10 A Montana Experience ANNIE LOUISE BERRAY
10 In the Night Watches MRS. F. L. TOWNSEND

11 The Missionary Boxes of Grove Street Church SARAH N. McCREERY

The Work and the Workers

12 District News and Announcements
13 General Church News
15 From Our Colleges: Oklahoma Holiness College, Central Nazarene University, Peniel University

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Herald of Holiness Volume 01, Number 40 (1913)