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01 Editorial
03 Editor's Survey
03 The District Assembly P. F. BRESEE, General Superintendent

The Open Parliament

05 The King
05 A Prayer Chain Letter With Sense In It REV. C. E. CORNELL
05 The Pentecostal Nazarene Pastor ANNIE C. SHEPARD
05 Burs and Burs Opened C. A. McCONNELL
05 The Word of God N. W. PHILBROOK
06 Free From Sin LOUIS K. AVERILL
06 "Full Corn in the Ear" S. B. RHODES
06 A Few Hints for Daily Life E. M. ISAAC
07 Ways of Working REV. C. E. CORNELL

Mother of Little Ones

07 A Song in Your Heart
07 The Smile That Reached Both Ears
07 How Charlie's Fortune Was Told
08 Molly's Ways
08 Crooked Pins and How They Get Found Out REV. FRANK T. BAYLEY
08 Meaning of "At Ha1f-Mast"
08 The Skill of a Mouse
08 The Whine Not Out
08 Not Hard-Hearted

The Work and the Workers

09 Announcements
09 Notes and Personals
09 District News
09 General Church News
10 Two Interesting College Reports: The Nazarene University and Peniel University
11 Missionary Tidings From Far and Near: India, Mexico
12 "As God Hath Prospered"
13 Annual Statistical Report of the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene
16 The Easter Number of the Herald of Holiness will be a Rescue Number

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Herald of Holiness Volume 01, Number 47 (1913)