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01 Editorial
03 Editor's Survey
03 Be True - Horatius Bonar

The Open Parliment

05 The Revival Needed - CHARLES V. LA FONTAINE
05 The Smart in the Cowl - F. M. LEHMAN
05 Essentials vs. Non Essentials - F. J. THOMAS
06 When God is not Sanctified - HARVEY R. HANSON
06 The Great Refiner - NINA DEETER
07 Divine Love - CHARLES L. SNELLING
07 Secular or Holiness Schools —Which? - U. E. HARDING
07 Revival Texts - JOHN NORBERRY

Mother of Little Ones

08 When Father is “It”
08 “Make it so Plain that I Can Get Hold of It”
08 One Heart Makes Glad
08 The Brave Fisher Girl
09 Why She Was Happy
09 The Runaway
09 Bertie’s Patient
09 A Mother’s Creed
09 Following Christ
09 The House of the Lord

The Work and the Workers

10 Announcements
10 Notes and Personals
10 District News
11 International Holiness Conference
11 General Church News
14 From Four of Our Colleges: Illinois, Central, Missouri, & Peniel

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Herald of Holiness Volume 02, Number 34 (1913)