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01 They Widely Differ
03 Editor's Survey

05 Foes Within! Written by P. L. Pierce
05 The Elect’s Portion - G. W. PLOWMAN
06 Missions: The Foreign Field Written by A. R. Hodges
06 Our Inheritance Written by J. E. Redmon
06 A Joyous Religion Written by A. G. Burlingame
07 Fellowship Written by J. F. Gibson
07 Things that Count. III. - L. B. TROWRBIDGE

08 “Dear Sweetheart Mine”
08 Being Above One's Work
08 Your Neighbor's Bible
08 How Wuzzy Became a Hero
08 Joy Finds a Home
08 The Motherhood of God
08 Dont’s for Young Men
09 Three Boys
09 Animals’ Ears
09 God in the Nation’s Life
09 A Queer Army
09 Tommy Remembered the Text
09 Evil Company

The Work and the Workers

10 Announcements
10 District News
11 Our Publishing House - H. D. Brown
11 General Church News
12 The Pentecostal Assembly at Glasgow Written by E. F. Walker
13 The Pentecostal Church - W. Turnbull
14 Oklahoma Holiness College
15 Central Nazarene University, Illinois Holiness University, Nazarene University
16 Peniel University
16 Superintendents' Directory

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Herald of Holiness Volume 03, Number 05 (1914)