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01 Dr. Daniel Steele’s Experience of Sanctification
02 After Sanctification
05 “Ye Shall Receive the Holy Ghost” By Pres. J. E. L. Moore
05 The Place of the Holy Ghost in This Dispensation Written by Joseph N. Speakes
06 “The Holy Ghost and the Church” A. M. Hills, D.D.
06 The Holy Ghost Experienced - Seth C. Rees
07 Seven Effects of the Spirit’s Coming - John Matthew D.D.
08 Scriptural Holiness Written by Bud Robinson
08 The Baptism With the Holy Ghost a Cleansing Written by C. W. Ruth, Evangelist
09 Evidences of the Baptism With the Holy Ghost Written by J. W. Goodwin
10 Missions Survey Our Missionary to Africa

The Work and the Workers

12 The Lord Has Need
13 Our Church Hymnal
14 Church News
14 Personals
15 Announcements
15 Evangelistic Meetings
15 Directories

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Herald of Holiness Volume 05, Number 09 (1916)