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01 A Cheering Record 03 The Editor's Survey

The Open Parliament

05 The Jew and the Gospel Witten by Philippe Spievacque 05 Probation Written by Walter C. Brand 06 Science can not Account for Origination of Living Organism Written by George Hare, M. D. 06 Double Membership Written by W. E. Shepard 06 An Open Letter to the General Assembly Written by G. W. Bugh 07 Law of Identity Written by J. T. Stanfield 07 Street Meetings Written by N. B. Herrell 07 Burrs and Burrs Opened - C. A. Mc Connell 07 Destroying the Standards Written by J. W. Oliver, Evangelist

Mother and Little Ones

08 Where He May Be Found - Rev. R. J. Clark, in California Christian Advocate. 09 Editorial Notes of Kansas District Assembly 09 A Good and Great Man - Rev. C. E. Cornell

The Work and the Workers

10 Announcements 10 District News 11 General Church News 12 From Missionary George J. Franklin Kyoto, Japan. July 12, 1915 13 Central Nazarene University 15 Superintendents' Directory

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Herald of Holiness Volume 04, Number 19 (1915)