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01 Editorial
03 The Relation of the General Board of Education to the Church and its Educational Institutions BY DeLANCE WALLACE
04 An Educational Conscience BY H. ORTON WILEY
04 The Why of Our Holiness Schools BY J. E. HOOVER
05 The How of Holiness Schools BY R. C. GRAY
05 The Value of Bible Training BY W. C. STONE
06 What is a University? BY OLIVE M. WINCHESTER
06 Pentecostal Nazarene View of Education BY JAMES B. CHAPMAN
07 Nazarene University BY E. F. WALKER
07 Peniel College BY JAMES B. CHAPMAN
08 Olivet University BY R. C. GRAY
08 Northwest Nazarene College BY H. ORTON WILEY
08 Southeastern Nazarene College BY E. P. ELLYSON
09 Central Nazarene University BY JONNIE DANCE
09 Arkansas Holiness College BY N. W. SANFORD
10 Oklahoma Holiness College BY C. B. WIDMEYER
10 Pentecostal Collegiate Institute - J. E. L. MOORE
11 Missouri Holiness College BY C. I. DEBOARD
11 Kansas Holiness College and Bible School - Wilmot C. Stone
11 SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: The Benefits of Total Abstinence - B. F. Haynes; E. F. Walker
12 The Work and the Workers
14 Church News
15 Herald of Holiness Day By B. F. Haynes
16 Personals
16 Announcements
16 Directories

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Herald of Holiness Volume 06, Number 22 (1917)