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01 Editorial: If Christ Be Not Risen”
03 A Wrong Choice BY REV. M. EDWARD BORDERS In Two Parts Part One
03 The Lord Is Risen! BY MISS Z. IRENE DAVIS
04 A Scriptural Contrast Between True and False Holiness BY MRS. FANNIE ERB
05 Entire Sanctification BY H. E. BENSON
05 Greatness BY E. N. PITTS
06 The Corinthian Church BY REV. I. T. STOVALL
06 Why I Am a Pentecostal Nazarene BY REV. PASCAL PERRY BELEW
06 The Hidden Life BY MRS JOSIE SHAW
07 Never BY W. G. LOPEMAN
07 My Glad Heart Ever Prays BY D. RAND PIERCE
08 How They Killed the Church at Podunk Hollow BY REV. R. L. JONES
08 A Letter From Bud Robinson
09 "Revival Is On!" in Kumamoto BY MRS. M. L. STAPLES
09 En Route to the Mission Field BY P. DENBO
09 My Call to India BY REV. K. HAWLEY JACKSON
10 The Work and the Workers
11 Annual Meeting of the Board of Publication Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene
12 SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: Jesus Sets Men Free - B. F. Haynes; E. F. Walker
13 BIBLE STUDY Young People’s Society: THE RESURRECTION ; LESSON XIII Acts 17: 18 (last clause) 32; 23: 6-8; 24: 14,15 By Rev. E. J. Fleming
13 Church News
15 Personals
15 Announcements
15 Directories

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Herald of Holiness Volume 06, Number 51 (1918)