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2 Warning!, General Superintendent: V. H. Lewis

3 "Scholarship...Permeated by the Divine Presence", Stephen W. Nease

4 Letters

5 The Other Fall from Grace, Al Truesdale

6 We're Celebrating Holiness (a poem), J. Kenneth Grider

7 The Law of Reserved Right, C. Neil Strait

8 How to Survive A Sermon - And Like It!, Oscar F. Reed

9 From the H. F. Reynolds' Papers

10 The Inward Culture of the Soul, Neil E. Hightower

11 Losing the Luster, Jim Spruce

12 When Does Legality Become Legalism?, Richard S. Taylor

13 Whatever Became of Repentance?, Robert E. Maner

14 Someone To Talk To, Luther S. Watson

15 Loneliness (a poem), Wally Johnston

16 A Tribute to My Church, Unzell Simmons East

16 How Much Am I Worth?, J. V. Wilbanks

17 More Than Forgiveness, Gary Allen Henecke

18 The Editor's Standpoint

20 Fear of Contamination, Raymond C. Kratzer

21 Seeing the Unseen, Keith A. Pagan

22 In the News

30 News of Religion

31 Answer Corner

34 By All Means, Paul D. Buchanan

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