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01 Front Cover by Field Studios of Photography, Riverside, CA
02 The Demon Discouragement by General Superintendent Young
03 The Game Through A Knothole by Richard K. Morton
05 If I Should Die Before I Live by Roger M. Williams
06 A Psychiatrist Prescribes Peace by Frederick E. Milkie
08 Heart Holiness: A Second Work of Grace? by David J. Tarrant
09 Is It Later Than We Think? by Chester Pike
09 Assurance by Mrs. Harold Wright
10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser
12 Toward Abundant Living: The Sin No One Talks About by Leslie Parrott
13 Pro & Con: Letters to the Editor
13 The Book Corner
14 Brooms Become New Victory Emblem by Donald Crenshaw
15 Family Recreation Also Important Says Educator by Lora Donoho
15 Of People and Places
16 Pornography: Does Freedom Mean Filth? by Morris Chalfant
18 Late News
19 The Answer Corner

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Kansas City, Missouri


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Herald of Holiness Volume 55 Number 12 (1966)