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01 Cover
02 The Outer Limits of Worldly Wisdom by General Superintendent Powers
03 Motivated to Live! By Clayton Bonar
04 The “Bulldog” Strain in Saints by Fletcher Galloway
05 Saints Anonymous by Paul Martin
05 The Great Physician by Dave Hall
06 Mother’s Day Awakening by Marcella Brenner
06 The Simplicity of Faith by Kay Ford
07 Don’t Stay at a Motel! by Milo L. Arnold
08 Watch the “Uncoordinated Drift” by C. Neil Strait
08 The Power of Purpose by David L. Fletcher
09 Berries and Mud Puddles by Dorothy S. Hampton
10 “God Resign!” by Deane R. Hardy
12 Pentecost Sunday
14 Meet My Savior
15 “And When They Had Prayed” by A. S. London
16 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser
18 The Church at Work
21 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser
22 Late News
22 News of the Religious World
23 News in Picture

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Herald of Holiness Volume 54 Number 13 (1965)