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01 Cover by Crandall Vail
02 Contact without Contamination by General Superintendent Coulter
03 Incompatibilities of Holiness by John F. Hay
04 Love More Than Makes the Difference by G. B. Williamson
05 Characteristics of a Great Church by J. J. Steele
06 Diseases Common among Christians by Joseph T. Larson
07 Nazarene Bible College Day by V. H. Lewis
07 Love is the Test by Colon Fogal
08 Readiness for Christ’s Return by E. E. Wordsworth
09 Too Much by Pearl Burnside McKinney
09 Mushroom Christians by J. V. Wilbanks
10 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser
11 Within Thine Own Domain by Ethel Granger Bemis
12 The Church at Work
14 Evangelists’ Slates
17 The Answer Corner
18 Late News
18 News of the Religious World
19 Pen Points
20 Come and See for Yourself

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Herald of Holiness Volume 54 Number 14 (1965)