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01 Cover by Walt Boller
02 The Woes of Jesus Christ by General Superintendent Powers
03 The Secret of Serenity by Clare St. John
03 Our Father Knows Our Needs by C. Neil Strait
04 I Cannot Afford to Not Send My Children to a Nazarene College by Ken Meredith
05 What is God Like? By Vernon L. Wilcox
06 Hollow Trees by Milo L. Arnold
07 And All She Can Do is Smile by Pauline E. Spray
08 Toll Road to Nowhere! By J. J. Steele
09 Did God Fail? By A Pastor’s Wife
11 Christmas Came Early by James E. Adams
12 In Haiti: A Sunday Promenade by Nancy Borden
14 Your 1st Grader by William J. Nichols
16 Pen Points
17 A Story-Note from…
18 Pro & Con Letters to the Editor
19 Cubicles of Warmth by Charles C. Powers
20 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser
21 As I Go Down the Sunset Hill by Alice Hansche Mortenson
22 The Church at Work
25 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser
26 Late News
26 News of the Religious World

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Herald of Holiness Volume 53 Number 41 (1964)