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01 For the Days Just Ahead by Flyod W.Hawkins
03 Perfected Holiness by Lawrence B. Hicks
03 The Priceless Plan by Jack M. Scharn
04 Our Church and Her Ministers by L.E. Humrich
05 1960 Chadwick’s Centenary by Evangelist Robert Emsley
06 God’s Multiplication Table by Andrew F. Cone
07 Saints for Supper! By Evangelist Nettie A. Miller
07 The Requests by Grace V. Watkins
08 God of the Second Chance by Celia M. Wright
09 Marriage with Love by Wm. J. Nichols
09 Endless Tragedy by Jean Leathers Phillips
10 News in Picture
10 Revival in Our Day by Evangelist Harold L. Volk
11 I Give Thee Thanks! By Enola Chamberlin
11 Heaven by Evangelist James Robbins
12 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser
17 The Answer Corner by W.T. Purkiser
19 News of the Churches

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Herald of Holiness Volume 49 Number 42 (1960)